The 2022 R1 Update of Medilink features a major change to the system in the form of Medicare Online Web Services (MCOLWS).

We have unfortunately seen quite a few issues arise from this change. This is despite having ~30 live beta practices using the update prior to the 14th March changeover to the MCOLWS system.

They are typically minor issues or able to be worked around, but they are nonetheless annoying for all concerned, and we apologise for the inconvenience.

Any issues listed below marked as fixed can be resolved with a newer update, or by working around the problem in the way suggested (either a utility to fix it or some other mechanism).

MCOLWS 9641 Patient Claim. PENDABLE claims not submitted. Fixed 2022-03-22. Workaround: provide printed receipt to patient.

MCOLWS 9602 Patient Claim. Unknown - requested feedback from Medicare.

Easyclaim 9309 Referral. Unknown - requested feedback from Medicare.

MCOLWS 9202 or 2030 FacilityId. Fixed 2022-03-20. Workaround: re-set Location FacilityId in Edit Practice dialog.

MCOLWS Payment Report Wrong Batch. Fixed 2022-03-16 + Utility to fix.

MCOLWS ECLIPSE and Allied Health DVA not functional yet. "Cannot Find Valid Subscription For The Incoming API Request". Ongoing problem. Workaround fix (needs PKI certificates).

MCOLWS Receive 9202 LodgementDate (too old). Fixed 2022-03-04 + Utility to fix.

If referral first service blank picks up next service (not first service). Fixed 2022-03-05 + Utility to fix.

MCOLWS 9202 TreatmentLocationCode. Fixed 2022-03-10. Workaround (choose Home instead of Nursing or Comm Health).

MCOLWS 9202 BSBCode. Fixed 2022-03-11.

Script MIMS Interaction XML OutOfMemory. Workaround fix 2022-03-12.

MCOLWS 9202 PatientContribAmount 0 too short (Unpaid Patient Claim). Fixed 2022-03-14.

MCOLWS Patient Claim Invoice Cancelled but Prints Lodgement Advice. Fixed 2022-03-14.

MCOLWS 9202 CreateDateTime. Check your system clock (might be in the future).

MCOLWS PVM 9202 GivenName or FamilyName. New system is more strict on requirements. Must be name only (avoid punctuation, no double spaces). If patient has only one name use FamilyName (Surname) and put in "Onlyname" as their GivenName (First Name).

MCOLWS PVM 8015 & 8016. Known behaviour of new system where both the Medicare Card number is wrong and the IRN of the patient is not 1. Unfortunately requires 2x PVM & Update Patient clicks to fix the patient details.

COVAX tick on 1+2+3 from blank state, only saves 1&2. Fixed 2022-03-14.

MCOL 9102 error or stuck on MCOL Logon Screen. Using MCOL Adaptor but Certificate Expired.

AuthenticationException Cannot Get Token Unauthorized. May not be registered with our Broker Service or our PRODA. Please contact us and provide your Location Id (aka Minor Id) and RA Number. If unknown you may need to contact Medicare to retrieve this information.

PVM garbled characters in name and Medicare number after clicking Update Medilink. It's because you need to click PVM *first* before clicking Update Medilink.

9202 IMC Sender Contact Email. ECLIPSE Screen -> 5. Setup Hospital Contact and make sure it's a valid single email address.

ERA not receiving anything. Duplicate transaction ids caused an internal 2030 error. Resolved in 2022-04-27 version onwards.

IMC 137 No Referral for Pathology & Diagnostic Imaging (LSPN) items. Resolved 2022-05-17 version onwards.

PVM 8015 (new card) error code for patients with a non 1 IRN would result in 8016 error afterwards (but then it worked). This has now been fixed so you only need to do the PVM once and then Update Medilink. Fixed 2022-05-31.

PVM 9650 (cannot match) error code would result in 1 IRN being returned by default and allowed to Update Medilink (when it could have been wrong). Fixed 2022-05-31. 

MCOLWS & MCOLA Processing Report Not Saving (Medicare Status list in memory Exception bug). Fixed 2022-07-11.