Email to all practice managers 23rd March 2022:

Dear Practice Manager,


As you are aware, on the 13th of March 2022 the Medicare Online Web Services system was rolled out.


At that stage we did not have the ECLIPSE module available (due to delays on both Medicare and our sides).


At the time we thought that a couple of days delay for in-hospital type billing would be viable for most practices (and didn’t have a lot of choice due to the date requirement).


We have since experienced numerous issues* with the new system. While we now have a new Medilink Update with all these issues resolved, we are still waiting on the ECLIPSE module (and DVA Allied Health) to be signed off by Medicare.


As such we are now actively suggesting that all practices revert to the old Medicare Online Adaptor system until we have this sign-off and can re-Update your systems.


To disable Medicare Online Web Services:


  • Links Menu -> Configure Online Claiming -> Untick MCOL Web Services
  • Click OK & Restart Medilink
  • You must repeat this for each user



If you are switching back to Medicare Online Adaptor (PKI) and are stuck on the logon screen, see here for more information:


If you are on an older update of Medilink and do not have this option, please ignore the above (unless stuck on logon – see above).


A good test of the old system is to do a PVF (fund membership check) as this is an ECLIPSE function that does not work in the new system yet (i.e. it will prove that the old system is operational for you).


Please note that reverting back will mean you’ll be unable to receive Processing & Payments Reports for the Bulk Bill Batches that were transmitted under Medicare Online Web Services. You can do a final Receive (and/or flick back to do this).


If you need help, please make a support booking:


Alternatively, please email: 


We know a lot of you are calling our helpdesk. Currently there is an extreme backlog of voicemails. You will get a much faster response with a detailed email (screenshots really help), or a planned booking.


Articles & Tickets:


Remote Support Download:  (Save Bomgar file & Run)


*Full list:


We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused many of you. Know that our support & dev staff have been working overtime for many weeks now, and continue to do so to best manage the situation.


Support Team