If you are stuck on the Medicare Online Adaptor Passphrase login box you may be able to fix IFF you have a valid certificate in your HIC.PSI certificate store. Medicare has mass re-issued PKI certficates so most sites will have one expiring in 2024.


Create a backup copy of  C:\MEDILINK32BNT\ONLINE CLAIMING\HIC.PSI 



If prompted to open the certificate store, click Use an Existing Store and open  C:\MEDILINK32BNT\ONLINE CLAIMING\HIC.PSI

Note: It may already open this HIC.PSI file, if it does, you don't need to re-open it.


Stay on the Personal tab.

Note: This will be open by default.

Look at the expiration dates*. You should have 2 that are in the future. If not you can try another workstation (one that may have used Medicare Online recently).

Note: do *not* rely on the red x on the left-hand side. It may incorrectly indicate expiration (but they may be valid until 2024 etc).

If you do not have 2 future expiring certificates please see this more extensive guide here:


Click on a certificate that is expired then click and Tools -> Remove


It will ask you for your password. Usually, this is your Minor Id aka Location Id aka MLK number, for example, MLK00000. Try upper and lowercase. If it is not your Minor Id then someone in the practice should know it. In some cases, we can find it but not always (we do not control these)!


Repeat until you have removed all expired certificates. You should have 2 left, (typically expiring 2024, or any future date).






Copying to the DATA folder of the server will mean workstations will pick it up next time they run.

Please note, all paths listed above are based on default install locations. If you have an alternate install location you will need to modify accordingly.


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