Self Update:

Updates are easy enough to do yourself, instructions here:

Book Update:

Alternativley if you want to book for us to assist with your update, go to:

Choose a date and time that suits. You will need approximately 30 minutes. You will need someone with Admin rights to your computers to at least initially remote us on to your computers. If you cannot find a suitable timeslot please email to discuss.

Double-check the time zone is correct for your location for the day you would like. For instance, if you are in Adelaide and it will be in Daylight Savings Time it should show UTC+1030. Ensuring you have the right time zone will then mean it gets converted correctly to the time zone when scheduled for our staff (regardless of where they are).

Fill in your details. Providing additional details can really help.

Click Book.

You will receive a confirmation email and then another email a few hours before the booking.

For an Update you will need:

Administrator Rights on all computers

Download Remote Support (start on Server computer first): 

The support staff will typically go through the Server update and make sure it is all working.

Then they will run you through a Workstation update with you. If you have more additional Workstations to update you will typically need to do these, but as you will see from the demonstration, they are straightforward - just start Medilink and click Next, Next, Next, etc.