How to Update Medilink Server

Note | Below are instructions for users to apply their own update. If you would like our support team to assist with your update, please make a booking here:

Update Instructions:

Step Instructions:

» How to Update to Medilink

Note | Please login to the Medilink Server as an Administrator to run the initial update, and Disable Anti-Virus software (some such as Trend and Bitdefender will cause issues and can result in incomplete updates)

1. Double click the currently installed Medilink Shortcut located on the Windows desktop

2. Enter Username and Password and select Login

Note | If the Medilink Launcher does not appear, click here to download the Update and Registration Application, run it, and then move to Step 6

3. Select Users located in the User Tools section. If username logons appear select Clear Logons

4. Select Update located in the User Tools section

5. Confirm the Medilink Update is being installed on the Medilink Server and select Yes

6. Select OK to proceed with the Medilink Update

7. Select Next to run the Medilink Update and Registration Setup