It is very important that your computer systems have a reliable Anti-Virus product. There have been a number of recent cases of viruses encrypting and ransoming data back to businesses (CryptoLocker clones etc), so it's even more important than ever these days.

We don't recommend or support any particular Anti-Virus product (although we currently recommend against Trend Micro and Bitdefender - see below). You should talk to your general IT provider and refer them to this guide.

Medilink does need to be excluded from the real-time scanning of your Anti-Virus system. Otherwise it causes severe performance degradation. It is the responsibility of the general IT provider (who setup/installed/provided your A/V product) to add these exclusions*.

You should exclude the local and server Medilink folders on every workstation. For example you would exclude:


If you need/want to exclude processes (most folder exclusions should cover this, but just in-case), the main EXE files to exclude are:


Overnight full scans are fine.

Sometimes we have issues with false positives, for example our remote support utility (which incidentally can only be triggered by you - not by us remotely).

Step-by-step Windows Defender instructions available here: 

Of late we have had many issues with Trend Micro and Bitdefender in particular. It seems to quarantine C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI - which is a standard Microsoft Windows file which we utilize, and removing it stops Medilink working. It prevents the completion of the Medilink Updates, if you preform an update you must ensure Trend has been disabled, this will require intervention from your IT provider. Medilink will also be prevented from adding in the necessary exceptions into your anti-virus software with Trend, some functions may be blocked or unnecessarily slow as a result.

Sometimes when troubleshooting issues/performance we may ask you to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus system. You should do this and run a simple test only (no internet or other actions), and then turn it back on. We can't take responsibility for anything that occurs during this time, but unfortunately A/V systems will often interfere with other applications, so the disable test is important (and with minimal care you will be extremely safe).

*The reason why we don't take responsibility for your A/V product is simple - we support Medilink only. We can't and won't help you recover in general from a virus, and therefore we can't and won't setup and make changes to your A/V product.