Can I upgrade to Windows 10?

Medilink is fully compatible with Windows 10 and is what we use in-house for our everyday computers.

The most important thing to note with Windows 10 is that Windows Security (aka Windows Defender) must be configued to exclude the Medilink folders i.e. the local C:\medilink32bnt folder and if a LAN setup \\<YOUR_SERVER>\MEDILINK.

You should add these exclusions even if you use an alternate anti-virus system (you may have to temporarily enable periodic scanning to add it to Windows Security).

More detailed info on excluding Medilink can be found here:

A small percentage of users are having issues with their network shares disappearing after a Windows 10 upgrade. Medilink (like most networked applications) requires these shares to work, so obviously this is a bit of a problem. One solution to this problem is detailed here:

DWORD AllowInsecureGuestAuth = 1


Please consult with your IT provider before making changes.