Your scanner must have TWAIN drivers* and should be installed by your IT provider. They should perform a test scan of the TWAIN drivers in Windows Fax and Scan. Note: we cannot install and configure drivers for you.

(*If no TWAIN drivers are available WIA drivers may be able to be used, but will have limited functionality. Alternatively, files can be Imported manually or using this method: )


1. To open the Document Management System (DMS), select any patient in Medilink and click on Documents (or Scan if on older version).


2. From the DMS, click Settings.

3. Select your Scanner.

4. Choose various settings and click OK.

5. Test it out by putting a non-blank piece of paper in the scanner and click Scan, and verify that it scans correctly.


1. Ensure that a TWAIN drivers is installed. Some like Kyocera have extra configuration once installed (it's not enough just to install).

2. Open Microsoft Windows Fax and Scan and try and scan from there. (Note: if your scanner is in there multiple times, look for the "TW" version as this means TWAIN).

3. If Windows Fax and Scan works, then Medilink *should* work (contact us). If Windows Fax and Scan does not work, contact your IT Provider.