DMS Polling is a feature in Medilink 2017 R2 that allows you to use a third party system for scanning or importing files, and then have those files automatically import and attach to patient's via the Medilink Document Management System.

It does this where the files adhere to a naming scheme as follows:


For example:


If no match is found, the files will be left in this folder for manual import by users (or optionally added to the DMS Bulk Scan area - see setting below).

To setup DMS Polling, right click on the MediLinkIt tray notification icon, click DMS Polling, and then Settings.

Configure the DMS Polling Directory to look at the folder you are going to pick up files from.

Configure the Check for new files every setting. 5 minutes is a good default interval as it's not too strenuous on the system - although note that when you are testing the system you will have to wait this long.

Turn on Run DMS Polling at MediLinkIt Startup if you intend on the DMS Polling to always run on this PC (you will probably want this on for at least one PC, unless you are just doing a once off import).

If the third party system providing files is supplying only single page scanned PDFs that are not named such that they will match a patient, you can turn on the Import To Bulk Scan If No Match option. However note that this is not a good idea for any other file types, as it won't show non PDF in the Bulk Scan area, and more than one page of PDFs will result in subsequent pages being lost.