Note: You will first need to ensure the patient has the prerequisites for accessing My Health Record before you can view their documents. See here:

To view the Patients My Health Record documents, click the My Health Record Button at the top of the Clinical window.

This will load a MHR windows which displays an array of MHR documents from the past 2 years (default time frame loaded).

Documents include, specialist letters from providers, prescriptions issued by clinicians and practitioners, dispense activity from pharmacies, shared health summaries issued by the primary care provider and discharge summary documents from hospital departments. You can view each from this screen as well as load older documents and filter based on document type.

Select one of the documents from the list and click 'Open' to view that document.

Viewing Medicare Overview

Click the 'Medicare Overview' button to load and view a list of items that have been claimed through a Medicare service (MBS or PBS). You can use the filters below the doc list in order to view the selected criteria.

Viewing Prescriptions and Dispenses

Click 'Prescription and Dispense View' to view the medicine and pharmacy dispensing information which has been uploaded to My Health Record by pharmacists and other health professionals.
Use the filters at the top to load medications within date range and with summary or detailed info.