Available Medilink 2022 R2 version and beyond.

Accessing a patient's My Health Record (MHR) is done through Medilink's Clinical (DHR) system.
The button is located under the patients optional photo, click the button to access. Please note, in order to access a patients My Health Record you will first need to make sure that they have a valid IHI number. The system will first try finding this automatically, but if none are found please try the IHI button to run a full check for the patient's IHI

1. First Open the patient in Medilink clinical (either directly search in Clinical or from the appointment screen).

When the patient is opened in DHR, the system will attempt to automatically find their IHI (if not already in the system). If none are found automatically the Verify/Check the patient's IHI by clicking on the IHI button in the top section of the Clinical Screen. A valid IHI will display as green.

Once green users should be able to access the My Health Record by clicking the button below the patient's optional photo in the top section of the Clinical screen.

Record Access Code

Note: you may be prompted to enter a patient's record access code the first time you access their record (or additional times depending on the patient's private settings within My Health Record).

If the patient does not know their access code they should log in to My Health Record and go to Privacy & Access -> Healthcare Organisations

If they have a record access code it will be written in plain text for them to provide and/or they can simply remove it.

They can also control acess from other organisations/providers in this same area.