Bring up a patient with a fund membership and optionally a Medicare card (most likely you will want to check this too in some capacity).

Choose a servicing provider and location (typically a hospital - what you select here will be what ECLIPSE admission and billing defaults to later).

The fund and membership and UPI should be pre-filled but please check.

If you want to record the level of funding you can select this here too (i.e. Bronze level etc.). This has not impact on how the system works but may be helpful if you are aware of levels of funding and can help advise the patient.

Also if the patient has a slightly different name at the fund please fill this in here (note their name as known as at Medicare should be the name used in the main Edit Patient screen).

Optionally tick OPV to check the Medicare card.

Optionally fill in the earliest date of service.

Click PVF Fund.