In April 2021 a number of practices started receiving messages saying:

Certificates Expiring Soon

Your Medicare certificates are due to expire in XX days (DD/MM/YYYY).

Please contact Medicare to renew your certificates.

Previously these certificates were auto-renewing, but it would seem that Medicare have changed their logic and this is no longer the case (presumably in preparation for the changeover to PRODA and Medicare Online Web Services in 2022).

To fix you must contact Medicare:

Medicare eBusiness 

Phone: 1800 700 199 Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm local time


Say that you are getting a warning when using Medicare Online via your software and that you would like to renew your PKI Site certificate.

They will likely ask you your Minor Id or Location Id, you can find this in Medilink via the Accounting Screen -> Links Menu -> Configure Online Claiming.

You may have to fill in a HW003 form for Medicare to renew your PKI Site certificates. Part of this form asks for your RA Number or Certificate Number. To find this is a little more complicated.

1. Open c:\medilink32bnt\Utilities\PsiApplet.cpl

2. If prompted, Use an Existing Store, and choose your C:\medilink32bnt\Online Claiming\hic.psi file.

3. In the Personal tab click on a certificate, the RA Number is the number at the end of the Issued To Common Name (you may have to make the Issued To column bigger to read this or look down the bottom).