Each template is generally a plain text content of HTML tags with mustaches for drafting consultation letters, and in some case is plain text content.

Templates are mostly used for letters during consultations, while some are for other workflows.

Naming Convention

It is recommended the first word of a template name / summary indicates the type or nature of the template, in order to group similar templates while the default sorting is alphabetic. For example:

  • App: Common Booking Confirmation Subject
  • App: Common Booking Confirmation Body
  • App: Mena Booking Confirmation Subject
  • App: Mena Booking Confirmation Body
  • Consult: Initial consultation
  • Consult: General instructions


For more details of drafting templates, please refer to:


Booking Confirmation

After a booking created by a patient, a staff should review and confirm. Upon confirmation, an Email notification may be sent to the patient.

First Booking

When a new patient is making the first booking, if you want the patient to provide some initial information, you may pre-fill the summary and the description of the booking.

Please note, respective templates should define only plain text without mustaches.