Medilink Cloud provide a WYSIWYG editor for drafting letters and some other documents in consultation. HTML is the fundamental content format in the Web, and is the major document format in the Web. This editor is light weight and should be serving common business use cases well during consultations.

When drafting a letter, generally you will have a template to start with, and the app will fill in data according to the data placeholders in the template. The toolbar supports basic formatting.



Copy and paste contents from the Websites may bring the following issues:

  1. What beautiful in the other Websites may become graffiti in the Web app.
  2. The other Websites may contain trojan codes or naught codes invisible by naked eyes but damaging to the app.

Thus, the app has to do some basic HTML sanitation, while trying to preserve common styling as much as possible without compromising security.


  1. When copying content from the other Website, it is recommended not to copy the whole page, but only the selected content that you need. Copying the whole page may result-in getting undesired whole page styling that may cause graffiti in the app. 


  1. You may be able to copy and paste some HTML contents with rich formats like tables to the editor, however, you may not be able to create such formats like tables through WYSIWYG.
  2. Copy and paste an image is not supported.
  3. Drag and drop of content is not supported.
  4. Some rich formats or visual effects of the source HTML contents such as JavaScript and some security risks are removed.


If you really want to have such features during drafting, you may use WordPress or Google Docs as well as wide variety in the Web to draft, and then copy and paste the content to this editor.

Please note, all these dedicated and full-bloat HTML editors have different ways of sanitizing HTML contents from the other sources. You may check,, Facebook, Google Docs, and TinyMCE etc. to check how different they are when dealing with content pasted from the other Websites. For example, from, and etc.