TS Print & Scan

Firstly, if you are using TS Print and TS Scan you will need to install the Client version on *each* workstation that will use them. For Windows, please download and install these from here:

TS Print:


TS Scan:


Note: if using Mac or Linux please download the appropriate Client for your OS by changing it from the drop-down (don't use the links above):



Remote Desktop

You will access your new Medilink Hosted server via a Microsoft Windows application called Remote Desktop Connection.

It connects to a Gatewayed (secure) Remote Desktop Server that has been configured for you, on Microsoft Azure.

Note: if you want to connect via an alternative device please see the instructions below:


We will have provided you with an email with the following details:

  • Medilink Hosted Computer Name, e.g. ABCMEDICAL.MEDILINK.COM.AU
  • Usernames e.g. MEDILINK\John Smith
  • Passwords
  • RDP file for Hosted (view full server desktop)
  • RDP file for RemoteApp (view just Medilink)

You can use these RDP files (and/or copy them from another computer), or you can simply run the Remote Desktop Connection program from Windows directly and type in the details as provided.

Another option is the browser based Web Client, which will look like:


(Replacing abcmedical with your server name.)

Additionally you need to also ensure various settings are on, specifically the ability to access Local Resources including Printers, Clipboard and Drives:

Please leave the Advanced -> Connect From Anywhere (Gateway) settings on Automatic.


You will be asked for a Password when you connect. You can save this for later if you choose.

It is important to note that this is the Windows password for the Hosted Server - it is *not* your Medilink application password (the two are totally unrelated).

You may change your password when in the full Remote Desktop, (not the RemoteApp). To do so, when logged in press CTRL+ALT+END on your keyboard, and then go to Change Password.

Note: we cannot retrieve your Windows passwords. We can however reset them.


Typically we will pre-install Microsoft Office ProPlus for you, however, you need your own licenses for this. 

The most common way to install these licenses is to have an Office 365 E3 subscription. You need at least this level to be able to use Office on a Remote Desktop Server.

Alternatively, you can purchase Office ProPlus Volume Licenses from Microsoft.

Third-Party Applications

You may want to install various third-party applications on your new Medilink Hosted server. For example, Pathology downloads etc.

Typically we do not grant you with Administrator (install) privileges on the server, without some specific requirement.

So we are able to assist with those installs, within reason, and/or can organise for third-party vendors to obtain Administrator access to do so (with your permission). Please contact us.

VPN & Other Security Factors

Most Remote Desktop solutions like this will use a VPN for an added layer of security. While it helps, it is an added step and can often confuse users. We have not provided for this by default - if you would like to discuss please contact sales@medilink.com.au or support@medilink.com.au

Instead we are suggesting alternative solutions such as RDPGuard. This automatically blocks attempts to connect after a certain amount of failures (which helps guard against common attacks). We offer this as standard for practices.