In 2019 R1 versions of Medilink you may find that batches that are fully rejected (no payment at all) get stuck in the Processing screen. This means that the batches can double up in size each time they get re-processed, and may grow very large and slow down the Processing.

The current update of Medilink 2019 R1 has resolved this problem going forward, although will not automatically fix batches already affected.

To fix you can:

  1. Open Medicare Online Control Centre
  2. Type the batch number in the top middle section.
  3. Click Revert To Unpaid and click Yes to completely remove existing receipts & adjustments.
  4. Click Fully Correct Batch (note: we do this because it was fully rejected - if the batch wasn't fully rejected then you shouldn't be following these instructions!)
  5. Repeat for additional batches (the fully rejected ones only!)

Alternatively you can also run a tool to fix the root cause of this problem:

  1. Download:
  2. Unzip to a folder. Note this should be in it's own seperate folder. For instance, unzip it to C:\medilink32bnt\utilities\FixBlankTransactionDates
  3. Run the executable and wait for it to say it's finished. If there are errors contact support.