In Medilink 2019 R1 we overhauled the IMCs reporting and processing logic.

This makes managing ECLIPSE claims much easier, as it is a one-click method to receive and process all IMCs (including ERA reports), and then displays them all in a large filterable/exportable grid.

By default, when you click Check Status or Request / Duplicate Report, it will now Receive and Process *all* IMCs, for the date range you select (see screenshot below).

A few things to note:

  • The first time you do this after the 2019 R1 update, it will likely take some time, but subsequent attempts will be much quicker.

  • Because it does multiple patients at once, you really only need to do this once a day approx; no need to click it for each individual patient.

  • You may notice that some COMPLETED IMCs do not receipt off immediately. This is not a bug, it is normal; if you keep doing Check Status daily it will receipt off in a few days/week (read Require ERA for IMC Processing section below).

Once the Check Status is complete you will be prompted to click Yes to review. Alternatively you can skip Check Status and get there by just clicking the Review IMCs button as per screenshot below.

This now brings up the Bulk IMC screen.

Bulk IMC Screen

The advantage with this screen is that all of the pertinent information about each IMC is listed in a single line. You don't need to have multiple different reports and screens open at once - they're all just there in the one view.

The grid in this screen has various filter options (see below), can have each of its columns sorted, and you can print or export the list via the buttons at the top of the grid.

Filter Options

  • Date Range of when IMC Submitted. By default this will be 2 years from today (as this is the length of time that Medicare retains reports).
  • Servicing Provider of the IMC.
  • IMC Processing Status:
    • Incomplete - Status of the IMC is not COMPLETE or MEDICARE REJECTED or HEALTH FUND REJECTED.
    • No IMC Report - Status of the IMC is COMPLETE/REJECTED, but we have no IMC Report.
    • No ERA Report - An IMC Report has been retrieved which indicates (some) payment, but we have no corresponding ERA Report.
    • Unprocessed - We have both IMC and ERA Reports, but the IMC has no receipts, i.e. has not been processed.
    • Unbalanced - IMC has been processed, but there is still an amount owing or the amount paid as per the reports doesn't match the amount receipted.
    • Processed - IMC has been processed.


Receive And Process All

Note, that clicking Check Status or Request Report will do the same action as this. If you have already clicked Check Status, don't bother doing this (it's more for support staff).

This action will:

  1. Find all Incomplete IMCs and request Status Reports for them.
  2. Find all No IMC Reports IMCs and request IMC Reports for them.
  3. Find all No ERA Reports IMCs and request ERA Reports for them (at least, it will make an estimate of the payment date range and request a period where it should have occurred).
  4. Find all Unprocessed IMCs (which do have ERAs) and apply receipts to them.

Process Selected/All

These actions just do the final step of the above - i.e. the processing. Similarly, it only needs to be done once a day, so if you have clicked Check Status there is little need to use it (it's more for support staff).

Disable New IMC Processing

Some users may prefer to go back to the old method of IMC Processing. To do this, open File Menu -> General Options, and untick New IMC Processing (note if you cannot see this option, untick both Require ERA for IMC Processing, and Backdate Banking For E-Payments).

Wait For ERA

(Formerly Require ERA For IMC Processing)

Many practices have noted to us that various funds take a week or more to pay, and previously Medilink would receipt off claims well in advance of actual payment/remittance advice. This caused issues with reconciliation of banking records as Medilink would differ greatly.

So now we only receipt IMCs where they are COMPLETE *and* we have an ERA Report (remittance advice).

This feature in particular has created quite a few support calls already, because practices used to the old system would receipt claims once they are COMPLETE, and now it does not. However, they just should simply continue to Check Status periodically. in a few days/week the fund will provide remittance and Medilink will receipt it off, or in a worst case it can be receipted off manually. 

ERA Banking Date

(Formerly Backdate Banking For E-Payments)

Similarly to the above we had a lot of feedback from practices in regards to reconciling claims paid electronically. Historically in Medilink they have always been on the banking of the day that it was receipted in Medilink, when in fact Medicare / Funds may have paid previously, and therefore making manual 'eyeball' reconciliation difficult. With this new option on Medilink will backdate the banking date, although it will still remain uncleared banking (so when you do your next run it is on it).