In 2018 R2 we have added new functionality to the Print To Email feature.

The MediLinkIt Printing module can now send emails if you have one of the following printers: Bullzip PDF / Bio PDF or Microsoft PDF (i.e. anyone with Windows 10).

This makes it significantly easier to setup than the old method which sent via the main Medilink app and Bullzip only - although you can still see that info here:


Use the New Printer Setup area. Make sure you configure the billing printouts at least (Invoice/Receipt/Statement/Medicare Online) - a handy tip is to use the All exc Labels (to change all of them at once except Labels).

Turn on the Microsoft PDF Print To Email or Bullzip PDF Print To Email setting on as appropriate. Show The Print Dialog will be important in the short term (you may want to also print to your physical printer).

You should have Print Billing via MediLinkIt enabled. This prints billing types using the more modern printing module (although Crystals and Labels etc still print using the legacy method). This setting is also in General Options in the main Medilink app.

Then you will also need to setup the Print To Email Settings. The main consideration is if you want to send via SMTP (i.e. send immediately/automatically). If you do you will need your IT provider to fill in the details as appropriate. You can also do a test send via this same screen. If you don't want to use SMTP then Outlook will pop-up a window each time you do a Print To Email, and you will have to press Send.

See below for a demo of the setup.


Usage is fairly straightforward. Just create billing as usual, and you will be prompted to email the patient a copy where they have an email address.

Below is a demo of a patient claim sent via SMTP.