Letter templates are stored on your server in the medilink32bnt\letters directory.

There are two ways of editing or creating a letter template: using Medilink's Letter Template Generator, or manually creating/editing a file. 

Using the Letter Template Generator

There are two ways of opening the Letter Template Generator. 

Option 1: From the Letters or Review Letters screens, click on the Templates button.

To create a new Letter, Click 'New Template' or double click a template to edit it.

Name the template similar to the others i.e. 'MainA' or 'MainT'.

If you receive the following pop-up, follow the instructions here to fix.

Option 2: From the Document Management System (DMS), select File menu >> Tools >> Letter Template Generator.

Manually creating/editing a template

Navigate to the medilink32bnt\letters directory on your server. Open whichever template you wish to edit in Microsoft Word. Save after editing. 

Note: Letter template filenames are prefixed with "Main". For example, the filename for the letter template MMM is "MainMMM.doc". 

Notes: creating/editing templates using this method means you won't have access to the custom Medilink merge fields. If you want to add merge fields to your template, use the Letter Template Generator. 


Letter Template Generator: Do you want to open or save this file?

We've encountered an issue where on opening the Letter Template Generator, users are faced with a dialog asking if they want to open or save the file. If this is happening you won't be able to use the Letter Template Generator. We've made a guide on how to fix the issue

I'm manually editing a template but I can't see my saved changes.

Make sure you're editing the right template. Remember, the templates are located in the medilink32bnt\letters folder on your server (that may or may not be your local machine).