1. Go to the Medicare Control Centre screen.
  2. Type one of the Batch Numbers in the top of the middle section.
  3. Revert to Stored.
  4. If for some reason Revert to Stored errors or if Medicare said you needed to make changes to patients or items etc you *may* have to Batch Reversal (Unbatch) and then fix & batch it up again - but normally this won't be required.
  5. You can now click 3. Forward to send it (you could do this after you have Reverted the lot of them - or Forward them one-by-one).

A word of warning, only re-transmit batches that Medicare says to. Otherwise if you re-transmit batches that they *are* processing, then the second transmission will be rejected *however* it will be the only report that Medilink gets, so it will just look like the batch was rejected.