How To Install Medicare PKI Certificates

Medicare Australia should have sent a CD and accompanying letter to the practice. Before begging, please insert the CD into the CD drive.

If you have already been using HIC Online on the current computer then you will need to 'Update An Existing Store'. Otherwise you will likely need to 'Create a New Store'.
If you need to 'Create A New Store' you will need to know the current store password (this will be the password you use to log in to HIC Online from Medilink, often referred to as 'Medicare Online Passphrase')

Step 1 - Install PKI Certificate Manager:

You can download the latest Certificate Manager from Medicare's website:

Alternatively it should be available on the CD Medicare has provided.

Open the zip file then go to the Windows folder and run: PKI Manager Installer V2.3.20.exe

Run this file simply by double-clicking of right-click and Run as Administrator.

Choose Agree and then Install

Once the installation is complete this window should be shown.

Step 2 - Run PKI Certificate Manager:

Now you will need to run the application that was just installed. To do this, either:

Go to your Control Panel and select PKI Certificate Manager 


Navigate to:
If 64bit, run: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PsiApplet.cpl
If 32bit, run: C:\Windows\System32\PsiApplet.cpl

(If unsure, try 64bit first).

Step 3 - Choose Certificate Store: