Example context

Let's say you go to bill John Smith (who belongs to fund XYZ) in Eclipse for an item *116 and the fee shows up as $0.00. This probably means that no item fee exists for item number *116 for health fund XYZ. 

How do I fix this?

You will need to add a new fund fee for that specific item number.


1. You will first need to look up the fund scheme or agreed rate for each specific item number you want to bill with that fund (e.g. look up the rate for item number *116 on XYZ's website). 

2. Once you know the fee, go to the Accounting screen in Medilink and click File >> Change Details >> Item Numbers.

3. Search for the item number (e.g. item *116).

4. Click Add Fund Fee.

5. Type in the fund name in the Enter Fund Id box and click OK.

6. Type in the amount for the fee in the Enter Fee For Fund XYZ box and click OK.

Now, when you privately bill a *116, and the patient is set to fund XYZ, it will automatically pick up that rate.