IHC is an In-Hospital Claim (i.e. non-medical, although there may be a medical component to it). 

This is an advanced feature for experienced personnel only, in-depth guides on the fields involved can be obtained from Medicare/industry organisations, (please ask us for more information).

 In Medilink IHCs are decoupled from the billing logic and are purely for claiming and HCP reporting purposes. That means that anything that you claim vis IHC *must* be manually billed/receipted. 

1.     Right click the Medicare Online app in the taskbar notification area and choose IHC Requests. 

        A list of all recent IHCs will be shown. 

2.    From this interface you can do everything pertaining to IHCs; 

        -  create new

        -  resubmit (adjustment/supplement or just a copy)

        -  delete

        -  check status

        -  reports

3.    Creating/resubmitting/viewing an IHC will bring up the IHC Request dialog. 

This dialog needs to be filled out as appropriate.

You can validate the claim, save it (to come back later), or submit it. 

4.    Going back to the list of IHCs you can mass status check and report by highlighting multiple columns (or using the date range for status checks).

Once you have obtained reports they will appear on screen, (and/or you can highlight these rows again and click Request Report and it will prompt you if you want to re-request or just show them).

5.    The report is interactive, which means that the row selected in the top section will determine what is displayed in the middle section, and what is selected in the middle section determines what is displayed in the bottom section.

Note: IHCs in Medilink do not affect your billing, you must manually bill and receipt these claims where necessary.