1. Highlight the IMC/OEC you want to check in the top right hand section of the ECLIPSE screen.

2.     Click Check Status. This will update the Messages column, (i.e. ASSESSING/REJECTED/COMPLETE).

3.    Once COMPLETE, you can retrieve the report by clicking the Request/Duplicate Report button, 

(Note: this will happen automatically if you have checked the box next to 'Request Report After COMPLETE Status Check' ). 

The report will fill the area in the bottom left of the ECLIPSE screen, telling you what has and has not been paid. The bottom right of the ECLIPSE screen will contain the receipted amounts.

4.    If a fund has rejected an IMC, unlike bulk billing, the Medilink system does not automatically adjust the     batch.

This is because ECLIPSE billing is considered as Private Billing in the Medilink system.So if you intention is to correct the billing out (i.e. to re-bill it), all you need to do is to preform a standard Private Correction

You can also print out the claim as an invoice by going in to Copies and pressing Duplicate. 

Bulk IMC/OEC Status Check & Report:

1.    Right-click the Medicare Online app in the taskbar notification area and go to the IMC/OEC Bulk Status/Report area.

2.    From here you can perform bulk status checks, or bulk report retrieval, and print the reports from this interface.