The ECLIPSE features are all within the ECLIPSE screen so all of the notes in this section pertain to this screen. 

Bring up a patient on screen and click ECLIPSE. 

Note: The term hospital is largely interchangeable with day surgery for the purposes of claiming in Medilink.


1.     Click Add Hospital (Practice). Click the drop down box and choose Practices. 

Add in the names of the hospitals here (do not add a hospital twice if they have already been added).

2.     Click Set Facility Id. Go through each hospital in your list and add the Facility Id.

3.     Click Setup Hospital Provider. Basically you just need to make sure that the hospital locations are set as practices underneath each provider, along with the correct provider number for each location. 

See the Providers setup section for more information. 

4.     Click Setup Provider Fund. This is for setting up the arrangements that each provider has with each fund. This means you may end up doing this multiple times. It is a good idea to do it *every* time you claim for at least the first few months of using the system. 

 Note | Fund Payee Id - provided by the fund - may be referred to as Practice ID (BUPA)

5.     Click Set Hospital Contact. Fill in the practice manager/accounts manager for your practice here.