There are times where you'll want to review your Easyclaim bulk bills. While you can use the Audit Trail etc. we have created a special screen for reviewing them, plus added a few utilities in there.

To view this screen right click on the Medilink Medicare Online icon in the taskbar notification area and click BIR - ECBB Review:

You should see the following screen:

As per the BIR Viewer, most fields are self-explanatory.

Retrieve & Process All Unprocesseds: 

Does the same as 'Retrieve & Process All Unprocessed BIR Reports' in Medilink or 'BIR-Receive' from Medicare Online menu. See Bulk Billing Process & Troubleshooting

Re-Process Unbalances In List:

This goes through your currently loaded list of Easyclaim bulk bills and searches for ones that are unbalanced, (invoiced and receipted don't balance and/or if BIR available the claim benefit doesn't match receipted). Then it re-retrieves BIR reports and re-processes them (see Receive & Process for description).

(Re-)Retrieve and Process Selected Rows:

Similar to Re-Process Unbalances In List above, but instead it processes the rows you have selected.

View BIRs Selectred Rows:

Shows the BIR Viewer for the rows that are selected. 

Revert Pay Selected Rows:

In some cases you may have manually receipted or adjusted Easyclaim bulk bills but later find that Medicare didn't pay them, once past 6 months you cannot receive a BIR report. In this case you can use this tool to 'unpay' the rows you select. 

Unpaying will apply reverse receipts/reverse corrections on items previously performed and get the claim back to an unpaid state.

You will have the option of applying these reversals as at the date of the original receipt/adjustment. This means they won't show in today's audit trail or banking. Note: This allows you to change historic data, however this option is largely requested and has occurred in previous MCOL Bulk Bill & ECLIPSE utilities, therefore the option has been made available. The date, time and username of the action is logged in the database regardless (date and time can be seen in Invoice Copies). 


If unsure, choose No.

Manually Pay Unpaid Selected Rows:

This applies full payment to the selected rows that are unpaid. This is helpful where you may have not had the old auto-payment Easyclaim bulk bill option on and the claims are too old for BIR, so you are using HPOS or some paper advice from Medicare to manually perform payment. 

Take Note of:

  • The print and export buttons are at the top of the grid
  • The dates for loading data relate to the date that the Easyclaim bulk bill was transmitted (i.e. put through the EFTPOS terminal). - You can specify a greater date range than 6 months, and it will load them in this list and you can preform actions using the buttons (see below for button action descriptions), but you won't be able to get BIR reports for claims that are older so they will need manual payment/reversal etc.
  • To select a row, click the box on the left hand side of the row. To highlight multiple rows hold the control or shift keys. (Note this works the same way as Excel).
  • MCOL Transaction Id is an internal Medicare identifier.
  • The claim benefit paid relates to this specific claim for this patient.
  • The deposit amount may be blank even though it was paid and/or it may be much higher than the claim benefit paid. This is due to the way in which Medicare report deposits - it may actually be representing a payment for multiple claims. On the plus side, by listing the deposit amount just once per deposit the tally for the column will get an accurate total. This logic also applies to the Paid Date and Acct Name fields. 
  • Processed means that it has obtained a BIR report and run through the Medilink processing system at least once.
  • Balanced means that the amounts invoiced and receipted in Medilink balance out, and if a BIR report is available that they match the benefit that Medicare has advised (if no BIR is available it only checks that the invoiced and receipted amounts are balanced).