NoteFor In-Hospital patient claims, refer to the ECLIPSE guides.

Note: We suggest using Interactive Patient Claims, which can be turned on via Accounting Screen -> Links Menu -> Configure Online Claiming -> Interactive Patient Claims. More information here: Patient Claims - Interactive vs Store & Forward.

1. To create a Medicare Patient Claim first make sure that the account you are billing is set up for Medicare Patient Claiming. 

- Edit the Account, tick the Medicare Online option (make sure a claimant is set as applicable) and configure the rebate options, (pay by cheque to address held at Medicare then money will be paid via EFT regardless).

2. Then go in to the Cash Consult screen for fully paid or part paid claims, or Private Invoice screen for non-paid claims. Fill in the services as needed. 

3. For fully or part paid claims you will be prompted for payment, (i.e. as per normal for a Cash Consultation). 

For fully paid claims you must type in the amount equal to the total charged amount; part paid claims you should type in the partial amount and click Patient Contribution. When finished, press OK, and the claim will be sent.

4. Once the claim has been assessed you will have a Statement of Claim and Benefit Payment or Lodgement Advice print out. Take a quick look at the advice, and then give it to the patient; it will describe if the claim has been assessed and what the benefit was and/or what Medicare intend to do with the claim.

5. If the claim has been rejected for a reason that you may elect to fix on the spot, you should correct and re-bill/claim for the patient. Alternatively you may elect to give them a standard invoice/receipt and instruct the patient to take it to Medicare themselves.

Note: You can also submit or re-submit invoices from the Invoice Copies Screen.

Simply select the invoice/receipt and click the 'Submit Claim' button