A claimant is someone receiving the rebate for a Medicare patient claim, usually because they are the one paying for the service, i.e. the account holder.

You will need the full name, Medicare card, DOB and address of the patient and the claimant, i.e. a claimant cannot be a third party organisation.

The most common (and preferred) method of setting up claimants in Medilink is to group people under family accounts with the parent set as a claimant. This has the bonus of the parent being the account holder too, so the invoice is addressed appropriately (not to a child).

If the child currently has their own Personal Account, bring up the Edit Account screen and click Add Patient (this will automatically upgrade it to a Family Account).

Once you have a Family Account make sure that the claimant is set - i.e. highlight them and click Set As Claimant.

Alternatively, you can have children have their own Personal Account, and use the Create Non-Patient Claimant button. This feature was requested by paediatric clients specifically (who are a bit conflicted about adding a parent as a ‘patient’). There are some minor drawbacks to Non-Patient Claimants though; can’t verify them using the PVM, or create appointments/billing for them etc.

You should also turn on the Use Medicare Online + Pay By EFT + to claimants address (avoid putting in their BSB & Account manually at all costs) if you are using Medicare Online, or Use Easyclaim if they are receiving their rebate that way.