Right-click on the Medicare Online icon in the taskbar notification area and choose ACIR Claims. This will show a list of all current ACIR claims, (you can adjust the date range and refresh to see others).

From here you can add and edit claims and view reports.

You will notice the claims that have been imported via IMM.OUT file will say 'UNSENT' next to them.

For demo purposes we will Add a Claim now.

From this screen you can add/edit/delete encounters and episodes.

Once you have added all of the encounters and episodes, you should 'Send Now'.

Some time after submission you can retrieve reports on your ACIR claim. Click the View Reports area in the list of ACIR Claims – if a report has not been retrieved already the system will automatically attempt to retrieve one and display it.

Please note, ACIR in Medilink is for reporting purposes only; it does not create any billing etc.