Billing Types

Private Billing

The patient is provided services and is responsible for paying this account, and is issued an invoice.

Later when the patient/claimant pay, they will be issued a receipt.

Cash consult is a special form of private billing where the patient is paying on the day (in our case, paying the full amount). This allows us to produce an invoice and receipt in one.

After this payment they may be eligible for rebates from Medicare via various channels:

  • Medicare Office - must take paper invoice & receipt to the office to receive the rebate. Note: Medicare are phasing these out.
  • Medicare Online - patient/claimant must have BSB & Acc registered with medicare.
  • Easyclaim - patient/claimant must have a SAV or CHQ card that they can receive the rebate back on to.

Bulk Billing

The patient is provided services but Medicare or DVA is responsible for paying their account.

The provider will accept a specified amount for these services (i.e. will not charge more).

There are various channels for these:

Manual Claim - must print out and send in batches. It may take a month to process.

Medicare Online - must batch up claims and send over the internet. Usually processed overnight.

Easyclaim - claims are sent individually on the spot via EFTPOS terminal. However, the claims are processed overnight.

Reporting is provided back to the practice in the form of 2 reports:

  • Payment Report - tells you how much was paid.
  • Processing Report - tells you which services were adjusted and why. It's then up to you to rebill these as appropriate

Manual claim reports come back in paper form. Medicare Online and Easyclaim reports come back electronically via Medicare Online (i.e. you need Medicare Online to report on Easyclaims).