In 2017 R1 we introduced basic Print To Email functionality. This allows practices to easily email patients documents instead of printing.

The following document types are possible:

  • Invoices & Receipts (excluding Crystals)
  • Medicare Online Patient Claims

We intend to add more features and functionality to this module in the future.

3rd Party License

Currently we provide this function via a third party PDF Printer called Bullzip (aka BioPDF). This requires a bit of setting up (see below), but once it's done it's fairly straightforward.

The Professional license of this product is required to avoid a watermark from appearing on your PDFs.

We are still investigating other options vs this 3rd Party License. We have had a lot of interest in this functionality, but there have been technical challenges in this area, and using a highly flexible and reliable PDF Printer like Bullzip was the quickest way we could get this feature to you.


  • Purchased Professional copy of Bullzip or BioPDF. Note: must be Professional not Standard.
  • Local admin rights.
  • A local email client (Outlook), or SMTP settings (talk to your Email provider).
  • A noreply mailbox (if you don't want patients to reply via email - talk to your Email provider).


Run the Setup for the PDF printer, leaving the default options.

Install the license. In the case of Bullzip or BioPDF, this means copying the license.xml file into the appropriate folder.

In Medilink, open File Menu -> Printer Setup, and set the Invoice & Receipt printers to be the Bullzip or BioPDF printer you installed.

Also change the printer in Medicare Online; right-click the notify tray icon and choose Options, then change the printer.

Now go to File Menu -> General Options, and tick on the Bullzip / BioPDF tick, and the Show Print To Email Options box. Also Print can optionally be enabled (we will discuss that later). 

Bring up a patient who has an email address, and print an invoice (you can duplicate an existing invoice or patient claim). You will see the Print To Email Options box:

Click OK and it will print the email to a PDF, and then bring up a new Email, with the PDF attached:

Note | if you don't want people to reply to your emails, you should consider sending from a mail account that cannot receive replies, i.e. a 'noreply' mailbox. You can set up Outlook to change to this sender by clicking the From box:


There are a couple of other options with regards to Print To Email.

Open up C:\medilink32bnt\bin\Medilink.EmailFile.exe

You will see some settings, review the below notes, change the settings you want, and then click Save Settings, and Close.


To set a physical printer to print to, choose the printer from the drop-down list. This will then be printed to if you chose the Print option in the Print To Email box.

Send via SMTP

Instead of having a pop-up email in Outlook etc., you can send direct by filling in the SMTP settings. Note, we do not know your SMTP settings, consult your Email or General IT provider for more information.

You can also control the sender email here (this may be different from the username of your SMTP, which is likely your primary email address). For example, your sender may be noreply@mydomain.com, but the username might be myname@mydomain.com.

For more information on this module please contact

1300 881 995 (Extension 2)