Emergency Services Health ESH has joined AHSA, and will be accepting claims via ECLIPSE from January 2017.

At this stage we are suggesting that Medilink practices do not add them unless you have patients who are members, and you want to bill them via ECLIPSE (we explain the reason in the warning below).

The instructions to add ESH are as follows:

  • Go to File Menu -> Change Details -> Edit Lists. Choose Cover/Funds from the drop-down list. Click Add Fund and type: ESH
  • Go to File Menu -> Online -> Setup Provider Fund Arrangements.
    • Choose a Provider.
    • Click Get Participating Funds and wait for it.
    • Click ESH and then fill in the details (most likely Scheme and no Fund Payee Id - consult with the fund).
    • Repeat per Provider as necessary (you don't need to "Get Participating Funds" again though).

Note they are not currently part of our fee updater. You can manually add ESH to your fees area for each individual item, siting one of the other AHSA funds for the rate.

Warning: If you do not have an up to date version of Medilink (i.e. you are on 2016 R1 or older), running "Get Participating Funds" causes Medibank patients to change to Medibank Overseas, causing claims to reject. So if you add ESH it may create this problem, which then creates a headache for you, potentially for no real benefit if you have no ESH patients. The Medibank Overseas problem can however be fixed by running this tool:


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