Sometimes you might know you are going to see a patient for a specific reason in advance, but they are in a remote location where you can't perform claiming for them, although you would like to to avoid them having to go to Medicare etc.

The below guide demonstrates how to do that in Medilink:

Do a standard Invoice for a future date (not Online):


Go and perform the service.

Take payment (either on the day, or do a MOTO payment later), and when you're back in the office receipt the outstanding amount:


Go in to the Invoice Copies screen. You will note that the Invoice Group (top area) does not say it was a MCOL claim.

Highlight the top Invoice line in the middle area, and press Submit Claim:


You get this warning, just say Yes:


If you have Interactive Patient Claims on (which we recommend), it will print a Statement of Claim which will show the Benefit.

If you have Store & Forward Patient Claims on, or there was some reason why the claim couldn't be assessed on the spot, you will get a Lodgement Advice.

Either way, just print that and send that to the patient.