If you try and retrieve reports and get error code 2027 it means there is no report to retrieve. This error is benign if you have only just transmitted a batch, but if you transmitted batches more than a few days ago, this means that Medicare either:

i. Didn't receive those batches due to some glitch;

ii. They are holding on to them for some reason;

iii. They have been processed/paid, but there's been an issue with the reporting.

The first step is to contact Medicare to confirm what the situation is of these batches.


If they haven't got them, or say to just Re-Transmit the batches without changes, use Revert To Stored, then just Forward them.

Alternatively if changes are needed to the batches they can then be Revert To Stored + Unbatch, then fix up the provider numbers or whatever is wrong, then Re-Batch & Forward.

Alternatively if they say they have been paid and how much (it may be best to get a paper based version of this report), you can just manually pay them off using Office Menu -> Medicare Payments.