General Payments

These can be found in the Banking module, via the Banking button or F11 or Admin Menu >> Banking

There are various sub-reports here, but basically all of them stem from a receipt transaction performed in Medilink. 

While this works as remittance advice for payments taken on the spot or receipted manually, it's not always accurate in terms of third party payments (specifically Medicare and Fund) - they are represented here, but will usually be a few days variance and the payments may be represented individually rather than in a run.

A general 'how to' for banking using Medilink:

1.  At the end of each day you should be producing banking reports and clearing your outstanding banking (i.e. ‘banking’ what you have). Click the Banking button or go to Admin>>Banking.

2.  You can choose to perform the banking for a specific provider/practice/banking group, or all providers/practices. 

It is recommended to first run a Show Outstanding Only report rather than Show & Clear Outstanding; just review the outstanding banking report and if/when you’re happy with it, then run it again as a Show & Clear.

3.  Once you run the clear report, it will produce a run number. You can take this report with you to the bank to streamline the process.

4.  If you ever need to run a report for a date range or review a specific run, use Show All Banking and then fill in the date range or click the run you want to review.

Medicare & DVA Bulk Bill Payments

In the Medicare Online Control Centre when you do a Receive it pulls down Processing and Payment reports, and it is the latter that represents the remittance advice. 

At any time you can re-review those reports by putting in an individual batch number and click the Processing & Payment Report button, or putting in a date range and clicking Payment Report.

ECLIPSE Payments

In Medilink, by default ECLIPSE receipts are applied at the time of successful assessment of a claim, but sometimes there is a slight delay in payment which means the standard banking reports may not be ideal for remittance checks. 

Management Menu >> ECLIPSE Remittance Advice Report (ERA for short) will show the payment runs that have been made and break down per patient (but crucially not by service - making them unsuitable for receipting purposes in Medilink). 

ERA also has a few oddities, for example the it has a maximum date range of 30 days, and also how the reporting works - once an ERA record has been retrieved Medicare mark it as 'reported' and by default you won't be able to re-retrieve that record unless you specifically request ERAs that have been previously reported.