Medilink Terms of Service

Advanced Professional Systems Pty. Ltd. ACN 133 412 030, licensed owners and distributors of Medilink software, PO Box 7296, EAST BRISBANE QLD 4169, as at the 10th of December 2012.

Not a MDS Subscriber:

x No Access to Updates
x No Free Access to Support
x Increased rates for all A/H Support (This support is timed and quoted by the task)


MDS Subscriber:

✓ Item Fee Updates

✓ Health Fund (Eclipse) Item Fee Update when available

If your MDS subscription is not current a $550inc. GST re-joining fee may apply.

5 hours per bi-annual period is allocated per client, you will be consulted and billed at the after-hours rate after this has expired. Support pertains to Medilink specific issues.


MDS Information:

Membership to this bi-annual subscription based service provides you with Medilink support.

This includes instructional materials, phone-calls, emails and remote support.

A maximum of 5 hours of support is included in the subscription.

Support pertains to Medilink specific issues, for example a Medilink error message like ‘cannot update Patient details’.

An example of a non-Medilink support issue is configuring Microsoft Office; while it is an external component that Medilink utilises, is not specifically a Medilink support issue.

MDS members should call our support line 1300 881995 for direct support, or email if you require support.


MDS A/H or Special Projects/New PC Installs

This is for after-hours or new installs of new Hardware support, (although it may be performed during standard business hours support for clients without support arrangements).

The rate is $132 / hour inc. GST, at a minimum of 1 hour per job per day, and will be billed in 15-minute increments after that point.

Support that falls under this category must be pre-organised, and is quoted.

Call 1300 881 995 or email 



Some activities are outside of the scope of our subscription services, and should be organised with our sales team on 1800 623 633.


These include, (but are not limited to):

• Training

• New Installs

• Data Migration

• Custom Reports/Projects


Subscriber Requirements/Expectations:

• You must supply up-to-date contact names, email, phone and postal addresses to be a member of any subscription service.
• An internet connection with acceptable bandwidth is required for remote support, i.e., ADSL+1, although this is at the discretion of the support provider.
• Your hardware and infrastructure should be regularly maintained; for IT equipment, 3 years is a typical life span of hardware.
• You should have arrangements with local IT professionals to provide you with services of this nature. Medilink has good relationships with local IT companies who provide these services and can recommend someone should you require.
• You must have a suitable back-up process in place, we recommend online back-ups or at the very least, a data stick that is taken off-site.
• You must not be abusive to support operators, they are only here to help.
• We expect that there will be a primary contact who will liaise with Medilink regarding any and all issues; however this does not always occur for various reasons. Practice staff calling Medilink and making requests are assumed to be authorised to do so both from a business decision and financial perspective, (we do not know the internals of your business); if in doubt the situation must be escalated internally within your organisation.



• Business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 – 16:30 EST, exc. public holidays.
• A Medilink subscriber site is an entity that uses a single Medilink database, typically at a single Practice location.
• We will measure support as we see fit, using internal processes.
• We provide a 24/7 answering service on 1800 623 633, (subject to 3rd party up-me) or you may email us via if you have any enquiries.
• We reserve the right to refuse service.