Recently a new fund has been added to ECLIPSE, Medibank Private Overseas Students (MOS). This fund is automatically added to Medilink when you run Get Participating Funds.

Due to a minor flaw in the drop-down box in Medilink's Edit Patient screen, this fund may be inadvertently selected where a patient was an existing Medibank Private (MPL) patient. If you then click OK, it saves them as a MOS patient instead.

You can change them back manually (even though it will keep selecting MOS in the Edit Patient screen - ignore that); but it is a very simple/easy thing to overlook, and may result in claim rejections.

We are working on a permanent fix to the problem and it will be available in the next update we release (later in July).

In the short term there is a tool below which will change all MOS patients back to MPL and rename the MOS fund such that it won't be accidentally selected in that Edit Patient screen.

  1. Ensure you have a suitable back-up, (i.e. do this first thing of a morning after your overnight back-up).
  2. Download:
  3. Extract all to a new folder.
  4. Run FixMPLOS.exe.
  5. It will say when it has finished. You can verify it has worked by checking a patient that you know was affected (they should now be MPL).

You only need to do this on one computer, but note that running Get Participating Funds will create the problem again which will require you to re-run the tool. As we will have a permanent fix available soon we don't believe this will be a major problem or inconvenience, but just be aware.

Setting all MOS patients to MPL is relatively safe as it is assumed that almost none of your patients will in fact be MOS; but if you are in a high student/tourist area and are aware of MOS patients, please set them manually after running the tool before doing any claiming for them.