An LSPN is needed for some Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology claims. Please refer to the MBS guide for full details.


Typically, the location will have the details of their LSPN for their machines (i.e. the hospital/imaging location). Medicare provide a search function here:


The easiest way to claim LSPN items in Medilink is by just adding it to the front of the description for the items where it is necessary.


Type the four letters LSPN, then a space or equals sign, then the 5 or 6 digit number, e.g.:



59925  LSPN=123456 Then your normal text goes here.


Some locations will need multiple LSPNs. The easiest way to do this add multiple versions of the same item number to create multiple descriptions for items where necessary.

Then when you’re billing, if they need to use a different LSPN, type in the item number and press the Next Desc button to skip through the various descriptions until you get the description (and LSPN) that you want.