Install Terminal

» Plug in HiCaps terminal via USB(PC) to Serial(Terminal) cable

Install Keyspan Drivers

Plugging in the HiCaps terminal will install drivers.

Note | If Keyspan drivers installation fails install drivers from HiCaps website:

» Download specific Windows OS version drivers and install

» Ensure to install as Administrator

Install HiCaps Connect


This installer is located in the medilink32bnt\medilink update folder

» Ensure to install as Administrator

» Click I accept

Leave default path

» Select no to reboot

» Select save

» Select close

Note | Tray Icon = yellow indicates install successful and HiCaps Connect is running

» If tray icon is not yellow then right click configure and select save

Note | If HiCaps Terminal not found on scan then issue = device or driver

Attempt to resolve by:

» Unplug the terminal

» Uninstall Keyspan driver

» Restart computer

» Re-install driver

Note | Network Name: field is for HiCaps terminal network


» Run mstsc

» Select the more tab

» Enable all options

TS Desktop

HiCaps Connect Terminal Services

Note | Network name field

Medilink on TS

» Start Medilink

» Ensure HiCaps tray item is displayed

» Right click tray item

» Select choose HiCaps Terminal

» Highlight Terminal

» Select OK

» Right click HiCaps tray item

» Select Choose Provider Practice Setup

» Assign each Provider

» Ensure linking is correct

» Highlight Medilink Provider

Highlighting a Provider should display HiCaps Medicare, HiCaps Provider and HiCaps Merchants.

Note | Deactivated Providers are resolved via Medilink Provider reactivate

For Multi-Provider numbers assigned to the same Provider use Medilink Provider Practices and ensure Provider ID is correct.

If there is no Practice assigned then add a Practice in Medilink Provider Setup via HiCaps interface.