Medilink Full Install on New Server

Video Instructions:

Please review the steps below for other considerations/troubleshooting.

Step Instructions:

1. Locate the Medilink installation files on the current Server in medilink32bnt\MedilinkUpdate

Medilink Full Installation package

Medilink Update package

2. From the Windows Desktop right click on FullInstall.EXE run as Local Administrator

3. Read the supplied materials and tick the agreement box

4. Select an install destination. On a Server it is optional to install Medilink on a separate physical data drive for better performance

5. Select Server installation type

6. Select Next to install Medilink

The installation process will start.

Note | If the Practice is using a TS server but will have some LAN client installations, select LAN - although note that better performance is achieved via a 100% Terminal Server/Standalone configuration

If error messages occur, i.e., database engine errors:

7. Please consult the troubleshooting guide

8. Close error messages and continue install

The install will complete.


Check and set appropriate Sharing and Security permissions on the ‘medilink32bnt’ folder, (i.e., where Medilink installed), and also ensure that Anti-Virus, Firewalls, DEP is configured appropriately.


1. In Windows Explorer right-click on the ‘medilink32bnt’ folder, and slect Properties

2. Select the Sharing tab

3. Select Advanced Sharing and then Permissions

4. Set which User Groups have access to the UNC share

Note | For low security risk LAN's, setting ‘Everyone’ to Full Control is sufficient, (we will not document Windows user groups here, if unsure, consult an IT professional)

5. Select OK

From the Advanced Sharing screen:

6. Select Caching

7. Select 'No files or programs from the shared folder are available offline’

8. Select OK on the Offline Settings dialog, and then OK in the Advanced Sharing dialog


1. Select the Security tab

Ensure that all appropriate users have at least modify and subsequent sub-rights on the server ‘medilink32bnt’ folder.

Note | Allowing 'Everyone’ » ‘Full Control’ is desirable

If installing the Medicare Online component, please set full access permissions on the ‘Program Files\HICOnline’ and ‘Program Files (x86)\HICOnline’ folders.

A/V & Firewall

Configure the Anti-Virus application to ensure real-time scanning of the medilink32bnt data folder is disabled, (at the very least).

All Medilink executables should be given appropriate permissions via Anti-Virus & Firewall applications, specifically:






Servers will have DEP, (data execution prevention), on by default.

This must be disable or configured to allow Medilink executables to run, specifically: