Medilink Full Install on Workstation

Video Instructions:

Please review the steps below for other considerations/troubleshooting.

Step Instructions:

1. Log on to your computer as an Administrator

2.  Temporarily disable the installed Anti-Virus application - it may interfere with the installation process

If the install is on a LAN Workstation it is essential to be able to navigate to the Medilink share of the LAN Server in Windows Explorer.

If not, ensure the Workstation is on the same Domain/Workgroup and/or map a drive letter and save the credentials. Contact the Practice IT Support Helpdesk for more information.

3. Locate the Medilink installation files on the current Server in medilink32bnt\MedilinkUpdate




Medilink Full Installation package


Medilink Update package

4. Copy the files to the Workstation Desktop

5. Right click on FullInstall.EXE and select Run as Administrator

6. Follow the prompts choosing the options that are appropriate - leave defaults if unsure

Notes |

If the installation process appears to be stuck, be aware that sometimes dialogs can be hidden behind others and can be exposed by pressing ALT+TAB.

If the LAN Workstation cannot access the Server try installing Medilink as a Standalone Server and re-path after installation using the Network Management Utility.


If errors occur during installation, bypass them and run MedilinkUpdate.