How to Pair a Tyro Terminal for use with Medilink

Information the Installer will require:

Issued By
Merchant ID
1300 966 639
Terminal ID

1300 966 639

Terminal Administrator Password
Password to access Administrator functions of Tyro Terminal

1300 966 639

Refer to the Tyro Documentation that shipped with the Terminal re Default Terminal Password.

Users will need admin permissions (technically they just need write access to the following registry key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Tyro\Update\MidAndTids )

Install the Tyro Terminal Adapter (TTA) application located in C:\medilink32bnt\MedilinkUpdate

The TTA application will install as part of the the Windows Control Panel. Run TTA and enter the MID/TID details and get ready to click Commence Pairing in the Pairing tab.

On the Tyro Terminal:

1. Press the MENU button

2. Scroll down to Settings and then press OK

3. Scroll down to Integrated EFTPOS and press OK

4. Scroll down to Authorise POS and press OK

5. Enter your Tyro Terminal's Administrator Password and press OK

6. In the TTA software click Commence Pairing, then press Commence Pairing on the Tyro Terminal

If there are any problems with the pairing the practice must contact Tyro. 

Medilink are very limited in terms of troubleshooting the pairing of the terminal to the Tyro Terminal Adapter.

7. Go in to Medilink, Links Menu >> Link Options, and turn on Use MediLinkIt/ICTK EFTPOS and Tyro.

8. Right-click the Medilink Tyro tray icon and go to Setup

9. Ensure the Default Merchant Id & Terminal Id are the same as you entered when doing the pairing. 

Providers who have a different Payee Provider than the default can optionally have a different Merchant and Terminal Id 

- these should be filled in at the bottom of the screen per provider.

You can now perform a test of the Integrated EFTPOS system. 

10. Bring up any patient, and perform a Cash Consult

11. Put in an item number (try 23 or 105 or 110 - if unsure ask the practice to put in a consult item), and click OK.

12. In the payment screen, make sure that the Integrated EFTPOS tick is on and click OK

13. A dollar amount should show on the Tyro terminal if the system is functioning. Then press Cancel.