Add Provider to Medilink.

Accounting Screen » File » Change Details » Provider Details

1. Click Add Provider

2. Add all relevant Provider details

A Provider name is listed in the system only once. However a Provider can have numerous Provider Numbers and Practice Names (Locations) attached.

The field qualifications allows for four lines of information which will show, in the order of input, on all printed invoices, receipts etc.

It is suggested that the details shown here be similar to those that normally appear on the providers Letter Heads or Business Cards.

3. Click OK

Add Provider Options



Provider Title e.g. Dr
First Name

Providers first name

Providers Surname

Providers surname


Providers qualifications

Format To Display Qualifications
Select format to display option for Providers qualifications

Work Phone

Providers work phone number

Home Phone

Providers home phone number


Providers fax number

Doctor Type

Choose Doctor type from drop down menu

Vocationally Registered

Warn and protect against incorrect item number selection when invoicing
Provider has signed a HIC Online Agreement

Provider has signed a HIC Online Agreement for billing purposes via Medicare Online

Provider is an LMO

Provider is a Local Medical Officer