This article will demonstrate how to add a practice to a provider in Medilink.

Note: If the practice has not been added to the list of practices in Medilink, you'll need to do that first. Follow this guide to do so.

1. From the Accounting screen, go to File menu >> Change Details >> Provider Details.

2. Select a provider.
3. Click the Add Practice button.

3. Enter Provider Number, A.B.N. and Banking Group if applicable 
4. Click OK

Add Practice Options Explained



Practice Name
Use drop down menu to assign Practice
AddressEnter Practice Address
PhonePractice Phone number
FaxPractice Fax number
EmailPractice Email
Treatment Location TypeSelect the Location Type from Drop Down menu (i.e. 'Home Visit', 'Hospital' etc)
Servicing Provider Number
Enter The Provider number issued by Medicare for Services
Payee Provider NumberEnter The Provider number issued by Medicare for Payments
Facility IdEnter the Facility ID
Banking Group
Use drop down menu to assign Banking Group
Taxation Invoice
Generate GST Invoice
Share Credits

Assign Credits to alternate Provider