In August 2023 versions of Medilink we added the ability to print QR codes in patient labels.

This is done by adding the field "Patient QR Code" from the label list. There is a basic version, or one with more info, see further below. Note, you cannot print both simultaneously (only one or the other).

We recommend ensuring that 3 fields are allowed for this label (i.e. 2 blank fields below it). Otherwise it will not show correctly (may be truncated or too small). If it still truncates see further below for INI file tweaks.


The QR Code value is encoded text - JSON of patient details:

Basic Fields:

int   PatientId

string   Surname

string   Firstname

DateTime   DOB

string   MedicareNo

More Info Fields:

string   Phone

string   Email

string   Address

string   DVANo

string   FileNo

string   MRN

string   Provider

string   Referrer

DateTime   NextAppoint

For example:

{"PatientId":1,"Surname":"ALWIN","Firstname":"Maurice","DOB":"1969-03-23T00:00:00","Phone":"0404040499","Email":"","Address":"60 Gustaf Dr, GLENTHOMPSON VIC 3293","MedicareNo":"39500982621","DVANo":"NX29847","FileNo":"111111","MRN":"999999","Provider":"DR MIRIAM GADNEY","Referrer":"DR BRENDA REED","NextAppoint":"2023-08-04T11:45:00"}


More Info:

INI File Tweaks

If your QR code doesn't fit or isn't scannable, you may have to put it higher (and clear more fields below) and/or manually configure the scale factor via:




; e.g. 300 = 300% i.e. 3 lines


; Create the QR code for *all* patients as you start the label process (instead of doing it only if it's selected in drop-down)


; 0 = Basic, 1 = More Info

For example, 


Would fill up 5 lines.