From the main Medilink screen (Accounting/Patient Details) click the Messaging button:

  or it may look like:

1. Send Message

Type the message you want.

There are various additional options including attaching a patient or referral, setting a delivery date time, and you can CTRL+Click multiple recipients. When finished click Send.


You can also Send Message from Clinical (DHR).

Note you currently cannot receive messages in Clinical. It is simply for sending a message (i.e. a quick method of doing so after seeing a patient).

2. Receive Message

In the main Medilink application you will receive a pop-up of the message:


To Delay the message, you can use the Remind Me slider and then click the button, for example, 15 mins. Or use the Calendar to have it reminder you on a following day.

Action (Reply)

To action the message, click the Internal Messages button.

From here you can see the full message.

You can compose a new reply.

You can Open the Patient in the main Medilink or Clinical, or Edit them, etc.

You can also use the Remind Me in 15 mins to quickly put off this if you've changed your mind about actioning it now.

3. Reporting

Click the Sent & Received button.

Fill in the search details (or if unsure, just use a start/end date only) and click OK.

This will then show a report of all messages within your search parameters.

This shows the message recipient etc in black, with the actual message underneath in blue, plus if they've received it (read Y/N) it.