Medilink DHR (Clinical) users who use HI Numbers, EScripts, and/or My Health Record will use NASH certificates for security when communicating with those services.

Unless you use Medilink DHR with HI Numbers or EScripts or My Health Record, this does not apply to you.

It has nothing to do with Medicare Online.

If you use a different clinical program other than Medilink, please consult with your clinical software provider.

In 2023 the older NASH SHA-1 certificates have been superseded by NASH SHA-2 ones.

You will need to:

1. Revoke your NASH SHA-1 certificate and upgrade to SHA-2. To do this an Organisational Maintenance Officer (OMO) needs to access HPOS by logging into their individual PRODA account.

ADHA provides a guide to the process here:

2. Install the newly downloaded NASH SHA-2 certificate in to your computer(s). You do this by double clicking on it. This installs the certificate in the Windows Certificate Store. You can install in either the Personal or Computer area; the latter is preferrable although you will need admin rights. Repeat this installation for additional computers (you may need to copy the certificates across via a USB etc).

3. Re-start Medilink. Perform a quick test i.e. do a HI Number lookup to see if it's communicating correctly. (You may get a HI error, but as long as it's not a communication type error then that is a successful test. )

If you have any questions please email and include a screenshot of the stage/error you're getting.