Historically there's always been an issue with Terminal Server (Remote Desktop Server) Printer selection for apps in that the names of redirected printers from the local client will change name (the numbers change, to reflect the internal session number you're logged in under).

For example, if you have a TOSHIBA A5 printer, in a Terminal Server session in Medilink you may select it as TOSHIBA A5 (REDIRECTED 13). Then a day later you log in and your printer doesn't work, you look at the list and you can see there is a TOSHIBA A5 (REDIRECTED 88) - however because the name isn't the same it doesn't find it.

We've previously suggested using third party software like TSPrint to help overcome this, but some practices may have many printers (i.e. a duplication of printer drivers for different paper sizes and trays etc.), which then makes TSPrint not as ideal.

In May 2022 versions we have added a new setting in the Launcher - Redirected Printer Rename On Startup (see screenshot below).

This will look through the Medilink printers you have selected and where it finds a redirected printer with the same name but different number it will switch to the correct one.

So in the example above, Medilink Launcher would look at the printers and automatically convert TOSHIBA A5 (REDIRECTED 13)  --> TOSHIBA A5 (REDIRECTED 88) 

This has to be done in Launcher on the very startup of the application, not once the app is running fully.