The Department of Health had provided a list of commonwealth hospital declarations at with an Excel file named after "All declared hospital current as "DD MonthName YYYY.xlsx". To make the data entry of facility ID easier, a lookup service based on such file is created, well reflected in the UI/UX of this app.


Most hospital names are unique, with 1 to 1 mapping with Facility ID. However, there are a few Facility ID/Provider Number each of which is mapped to multiple hospital names, and a few hospital names identical each of which is mapped to different Facility ID. The UI of this app takes good care of common scenarios and exceptional scenarios.

Input Facility ID


Pick 1 from the list the facility Id is inputted.

Key-in or Copy&Paste

The app will lookup and display the respective hospital name.

If the facility Id is associated with multiple hospitals, you will see:

Clicking the question mark, you will see:


When looking up hospitals, the State name is optional, and the app may remember last state you used, stored in the Web browser's local storage.